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Patient Testimonials

"A number of years ago my adult son said, "Mom and Dad quit complaining about your backs and go to the chiropractor." Going to a chiropractor was something other, older people did. I could never see myself doing that. My husband has worked hard all his life. He did jobs (mechanic, machinist, farmer) that took a toll on his body. I have had a lifetime of working at home and outside plus rheumatoid arthritis. Now we have learned the value of good chiropractic care. We first met Dr. Bartel about three years ago in Taneytown. When he opened his pratice in Hampstead we followed. Dr. Bartel is a qualified professional. Through our regular visits he keeps us feeling better and able to continue to enjoy our retirement life to its fullest." - Nowell and Norma C.

"Without reservation, we totally would recommend and refer any of our friends or acquaintances to Dr. Bartel for chiropractic care. He has compassion and genuine concern for his patients. He does his best to accomadate the needs and schedules for his patients, especially when they are feeling their worst." - Stace and Rebecca P.

"Hi my name is Pat and I just want to let anyone with back, neck or joint pain to please come and see Dr. Mike. He is great. He has helped me and my husband so much. He has actually given me my life back! I first met Dr. Mike when his office was in Taneytown, MD. When he moved to Hampstead, we followed and believe me, it is well worth the trip. I don't know what I would do without his care. He and his receptionist, Maggie, are a joy to deal with. We love you guys!" - Pat S.

“When I first went to Dr. Bartel, I was one appointment away from an orthopedic specialist. I couldn’t bend over, sit, stand, or lie down for any extended period. The pain shop from my left lower back and down to my foot and I was limping. After my first treatment, I could bend over and the right back pain was gone, and the left side felt better. Now after subsequent treatments, my left back pain has resolved completely. I still plan to see Dr. Mike on a regular basis to keep it that way. Too Many people jump right to an orthopedic surgeon or M.D. without trying a chiropractor – too bad for them!” - Judy A.

“Dr. Bartel has helped not only myself but my husband and daughter too! My husband had an accident a few years back and ended up hurting his neck. He had gone to another chiropractor (since we didn’t know Dr. Bartel yet) and he had gone for at least a year and was barely feeling better. My husband came to Dr. Bartel and after his first visit he could feel a huge relief. I ended up going to the other chiropractor as well for my back and not only did it not help me the customer service wasn’t very good. I went there for about a year and left with the same pain if not more. I can to Dr. Bartel and after the first visit I too felt a huge difference. Dr. Bartel really knows what he’s doing and is a very personable person which makes each visit enjoyable. My daughter ended up hurting her foot so we brought her to see Dr. Bartel and she was feeling much better and afer her treatment she was all the way better. She went from not being able to put pressure on her foot to being 100% back to normal. I may mention an ache she always says, “Mommy go see Dr. Bartel, he fixed me!” I’d recommend Dr. Bartel to anyone because I have complete faith he can help anyone that comes to see him. I’m so glad he came to the Hampstead area and I hope he stays a long time.”

“I was having a lot of back pain in the low back and hip down into my leg. My legs ached all the time and I wasn’t sleeping well. After 2 weeks of six adjustments and some new shows, I was pain free 99% of the time. Now I can sleep well and function like I should! Dr. Bartel is very careful and gentle. I like his style of chiropractic care.” – Amy F.

“Dr. Bartel is a miracle worker. I could hardly walk my at first visit, now I am pain free! Thank you!!”

“I suffered from migraines and stiffness in my upper back/shoulder area. After regular care with Dr. Baretel, I no longer have migraines and the stiffness is relieved with routine appointments. Dr. Bartel is the third chiropractor I’ve seen and he is by far the most attentive and takes the most time with ensuring every pain is addressed.” – Wendy S.

“When faces with a decision to have surgery for neck problems or suffer with pain, I decided to do neither and visit Dr. Bartel instead. He has kept me free of pain for two years. I’ve been seeing hum and an amazing side benefit: the adjustment improved my asthma. I use my inhaler much less if at all when I seeing Dr. Bartel. I can’t say enough about Dr. Bartel about how Dr. Bartel has improved my well-being. (Thank you, Dr. Bartel!)”

“My treatment is going well. I have found that I am unable to go more than one week without treatment, but that is due to my choice of employment. After my treatments I feel great. I would refer anyone to Dr. Mike (and have referred a few people) Thank you.” – Suzann N.

“Seeing Dr. Bartel for sciatica pain in right hip. I had tried some physical therapy on my own, but was not making a lot of progress. My pain after these chiropractic treatments has really decreased and is under control.” – John B.

“Since coming to Dr. Bartel, I am much more comfortable and at ease with my back – no pain at this time. Dr. Bartel is a very caring person and wants me to much improved. I’m glad I found this office so close to home.”

“Hi, This is a two fold recommendation. First, for those who have never tried chiropractic and don’t know who to choose, start here! Excellent value, honest, caring, competent professional service. Second, for those who know the health benefits of chiropractic, the return on investment is 10 times. Dr. Mike is a great practitioner. A good place to get the expertise you need. Hope this helps you all!” – Brad N.

“I’m very happy with Dr. Bartel’s treatments.” – Carol R.

“Going to the chiropractor has helped me tons! I see better, feel better am able concentrate on school better. He’svery likeable and a great chiropractor.” – Mikaela F.

“Chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Bartel have lessened the number of migraines I am experiencing and has helped increase my flexibility. As I get adjustments on a regular basis I stay nearly pain free in my spine.” – Ruth H.

“Dr. Bartel has helped my back pain and has given me relief from discomfort in my legs as well. He is very professional in his treatment.” – Dan B.

“Dr. Bartel makes everything feel better. It’s simple, I came in feeling pain and leave feeling great. Getting an appointment is quick and easy. Dr. Bartel sees you not as just a patient but a real person with a problem that he takes time to fix. I’m a difficult patient who does not relax but he pulls out his tricks to get the adjustment. I recommend him to everyone!” – Victoria R.